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First Time Parasailing? Top 5 reasons to give flying a try!

25 Jul 18

First Time Parasailing? Top 5 reasons to give flying a try!


Parasailing is one of the most fun adventures you can embark on while in Ocean City, MD. If you’re on the fence about taking flight, you will feel more comfortable by doing some research up front. The right parasailing boat, gear, experience, boat captain and number of hours on the water all make a difference when it comes to finding the perfect match. While you may be a bit nervous about hanging hundreds of feet in the air from a parachute attached to a boat, there really is nothing to worry about! You will be securely strapped in and the parasailing captain and mate on the Sea Rocket Parasailing Boat are very experienced. Plus, once you’re up in the air and take in the amazing ocean and landscape around you, you will forget about all your worries! Here are our top five reasons to put aside those worries and give parasailing a try:


  1. It’s affordable

Parasailing, while certainly not just a drop in the bucket is fairly reasonable when it comes to water sports. Located on 1st Street Bayside, Sea Rocket Adventures offers parasailing for less than $100 per person and you can pick how high you fly – 400 feet, 600 feet or as high as 800 feet in the air!

  1. It’s the best view in town

It is hands down the best view that Ocean City, MD has to offer. You’ll take in the beach, the Maryland Coast, the bay, the boats, the city skyline and the thousands of people (and fish!) watching you in awe from afar.

  1. The toe dip

Have you ever been watching the parasailers from the beach before and been concerned when they are suddenly descending very quickly toward the ocean? Before you can get too worried, the parasailers dip down into the water and then fly right back up again? Yes! This is the best part! The ultimate thrill of parasailing is in the toe dip!

  1. It’s a great bonding activity

Friends who fly together, stay together! Grab your best friend, your spouse or even your favorite co-worker (or two!) and give parasailing a try! You’ll have a new appreciation for all Ocean City, MD has to offer and you’ll be oohing and aahing all the way up and laughing all the way down.

  1. It’s a great memory

Parasailing is bound to be a memory you won’t forget! Marvelous views, the freedom, the feeling of floating above the coast, the emotional connection with the earth, the connection with your friend or significant other – all things that we crave but can never have enough of!

             Live life to the fullest and give parasailing a try! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have tons of stories to tell!  If you’re looking for more information 

             on setting up your first parasailing trip, look no further than Sea Rocket Adventures.

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June 1st - June 17th
Daily Trips at 10:30am & 2:30pm

June 18th - Sept 1st
Daily Trips at 10:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm

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